Go no further for assistance in your organization's development goals. Yes, there are a lot of creative, entrepreneurial fundraising strategies to choose from, but it is still challenge to define goals, identify potential revenue sources and train staff and/or volunteers to realize your start-up project or multi-year institution-building plan. Civil Strategies can assist with: 

  • Financial and organizational stewardship
  • Operating, endowment and capital campaigns
  • Prospect research and engagement
  • Grant and contract proposal writing
  • Sustainable financial planning
  • Stakeholder collaboration

Campaigns can be conducted online, by phone and letter, and in person. Campaigns always start with a relationship-based approach developed by voluntary, non-profit and community-based organizations. It's helped me to raise $thousand$ individually and with others for Action In Montgomery and Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church for $six-figure$ campaigns. I also have experience coaching other volunteers.

In government, I have managed international higher education partnerships that depend on financial and in-kind contributions. Cooperative assistance agreements and grants to non-profit organizations and higher-ed institutions require substantial cost-sharing to be competitive, and I had a central role in those negotiations and in assuring obligations were met.

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