This web platform is called Civil Strategies because citizens are the heart and power of society. I am motivated as a glocal citizen by the premise that from the voiceless and vulnerable to the loudest and strongest, society runs better with little-d democratic or just plain "good enough governance" and people’s interests at the center. This consultancy, from diaspora strategizing to conflict mediation, international diplomacy and development, is reinforced by a variety of association and volunteer work. 

Key professional affiliations:

  • American Society for Public Administration (Chair, Section on Effective and Sound Administration in the Middle East) 
  • Arab American Institute (National Policy Council member) 
  • International diaspora Engagement Alliance
  • International Mediators Community of Practice
  • Network for Peacebuilding Evaluation Community of Practice
  • Public Diplomacy Council (Board member, Secretary)

The social justice, multi-faith and conflict mediation efforts in which I am primarily involved:

  • Montgomery County (Maryland) Office of Community Partnerships Middle Eastern American Advisory Group (chair)
  • Action In Montgomery
  • Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church
  • Conflict Resolution Center of Montgomery County (Maryland)

Sometimes I feel like a walking non-profit, and that adds to my motivation, because there’s so much compelling work to be done. If I can help you strategize civicly, I invite you to email and look forward to a discussion.