A Bit of Harmony amid Discord

A recent opinion piece of two accomplished former U.S. officials who have for much of their careers worked for peace in the Middle East is a reminder of the pathetic politics around U.S.-Palestinian-Israeli relations. The Palestinians of Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Gaza have been stateless for 70 years. Without a sovereign Palestinian state, just, transparent and inclusive citizen engagement will remain elusive. Collaborative leadership is rarely visible, yet it is central to security for all Palestinians and Israelis. The most patiently suffering and wise among them know this reality all too well. Among them are female civil society leaders – in Palestinian municipalities who have been bravely protesting injustice and establishing social welfare and income-generating cooperatives. One s-hero’s community organizing in Gaza inspires the new documentary film, Naila and the Uprising. Her work strikes a hopeful chord amid the dissonance of Israeli-Palestinian-U.S. relations today. I look forward to seeing the film, to learn how she became an effective leader and peacebuilder.  If you are in DC on April 24th, you might still might be able to score a ticket for the second showing at filmfest DC.