New volume on public diplomacy out in January!

Looking for some news you can use in this time of sound-bitten political transition? The 11 contributors to Nontraditional U.S. Public Diplomacy: Past, Present, and Future provide historical analysis, practice-based evidence, and forward-leaning insights for new and continuing actors in U.S. diplomacy’s expanding public dimension. The book is the U.S. Public Diplomacy Council’s newest volume in the Public Diplomacy Council’s series and will be available at by mid-January. Find out more about the January 9th launch event in D.C. and the video of the panel discussion that will be available by the 11th.

The volume showcases key innovations and lessons in U.S. diplomacy since WWI. It delivers to practitioners, analysts, students, and others compelling engagement strategies and primary research for shaping and communicating policy among increasingly diverse, collaborative, and powerful publics.

Bob Coonrod on the book:

In his engaging opening chapter, Ambassador Quainton points to the ascendant “power of the public,” and the illusiveness of consensus on the meaning or practice of public diplomacy.  What then can we make of a book about the past, present, and, daresay, the future of U.S. public diplomacy?

Quite a bit.  

Collectively, the 11 chapters cover a broad array of topics, eras, and situations. They range from the very concrete – U.S. failure in Viet Nam -- to aspirational, evolving transnational applied cultural networks. Yet, inherent in each essay is a simple insight. It is not about who pays for it or who approves it.  It is, and continues to be, about how we do it.  How we listen, engage, collaborate, assess.

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