"Within the Eye of the Storm"

Dear People,

Perhaps you have heard about the film, "Within the Eye of the Storm" -- about an Israeli and a Palestinian, two fathers who each lost a daughter to occupation-related gun violence. They became connected through an organization in Jerusalem called "Combatants for Peace," which privileges dialogue in bringing peace to the region. The film shows how in the space of two hours, in a discussion between the Israeli and members of al-Aqsa Brigade in Jenin, telling stories of their loved ones being killed transformed their fear of each other into shared purpose and identity. I believe this film is an example of the kind of dialogue that's needed, among civil society leaders, who are doing what they can because political leaders won't. 

Anyway, the Israeli and Palestinian fathers, along with the filmmaker, are in DC for a few more days. The showing of the film, and Q & A, are free and the schedule is at http://www.peacexpeace.org/ 

This is news to keep you inspired and informed. Relational, inclusive dialogue is the best way to make social change, as you know :-) .