Civil Strategies encourage respectful, deliberative dialogue and collaboration to navigate problems or projects that seem too puzzling to work through. Relationality and humility complement aptitude and assertiveness, especially in a cross-cultural setting.

I will listen to your organization's needs assessment and respond with advice and written product based on a career of research, training and practice in cooperating and collaborating across societal sectors. For example, below are six strategies for increasing stakeholder buy-in and impact in local, regional, and multinational projects: 

  • Cross-Sector Stakeholder Engagement through Transnational, Trans-sectarian Partnership © Deborah L. Trent 2018, specially designed to administer and mediate in diverse ethnic and religious settings

  • Faculty and curriculum development for colleges, universities and education organizations that are designing and expanding cross-cultural programs

  • More relational -- and less transactional -- diplomacy and development, to increase trust in governments, implementers and donors among audiences, beneficiaries and other stakeholders

  • Participatory peacebuilding strategies and methods to understand and mitigate power struggles

  • Public-private partnership, when a standard government-non-profit grant doesn't provide enough risk tolerance or resource capacity

  • Inclusive conflict mediation for people with the courage to face and address their disagreements and struggles through an alternative dispute resolution process

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