The Industrial Areas Foundation's Diaspora Caucus in the United Kingdom

The Industrial Area Foundation (IAF), founded by Saul Alinsky in the mid-20th century in the U.S., is a citizen leadership development network with affiliate faith- and community-based institutions around the U.S. and abroad. Alinsky built the IAF on the foundation of one-to-one, relational meetings from which citizen leadership, power, and social equity emerge.

In the UK, I have just noticed a "Diaspora Caucus," organized among immigrant communities to improve their quality of life and connections with their non-migrant, fellow residents. See for an introductory video. It has a melodic ending, too.

I wonder if the IAF movement might have resonance in the Middle East? It's inter-faith and about as democratic as a civil society organization can be. I wonder if the American Friends Service Committee, Search for Common Ground, or another organization might be interested in engaging with them? Or the Syrian Rights Observatory in the UK?